• Black Box teater
  • Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival
  • 7.–16. March 2019
  • Performances, installations, talks,
    seminars and festival club
  • Heine Avdal & Yukiko Shinozaki / fieldworks (NO/JP) 
  • carry on
  • Thursday 7.
  • Friday 8.
  • Saturday 9.
  • Sunday 10.
  • Kristoff K. Roll (FR) 
  • In the Shadow of the Waves
  • Thursday 7.
  • Thursday 7.
  • Friday 8.
  • Friday 8.
  • Ingrid Berger Myhre & Lasse Passage (NO) 
  • Panflutes and Paperwork
  • Thursday 7.
  • Friday 8.
  • Wael Alkak (SY/FR) 
  • Opening concert

  • Thursday 7.
  • Roza Moshtaghi (IR/NO) 

  • Friday 8.
  • Saturday 9.
  • Ligia Lewis (DO/DE) 
  • minor matter

  • Annie Dorsen (US) 
  • The Great Outdoors
  • Saturday 9.
  • Saturday 9.
  • Sunday 10.
  • Julie Solberg and Cecilie Solberg (NO) 
  • Songs of Entanglement

  • Ingri Fiksdal (NO) 
  • Shadows of Tomorrow
  • Sunday 10.
  • Monday 11.
  • Findlay//Sandsmark (US/NO) 
  • lowlands (FL)

  • Monday 11.
  • Tuesday 12.
  • Ingeleiv Berstad & Pernille Holden (NO) 
  • Somatøs samling

  • Monday 11.
  • Tuesday 12.
  • Wednesday 13.
  • Thursday 14.
  • Spreafico Eckly & Matteo Fargion (NO/UK) 
  • We have to dress gorgeously
  • Tuesday 12.
  • Wednesday 13.
  • Juli Apponen (FI/SE) 
  • Life is hard and then you die – part 3
  • Tuesday 12.
  • Wednesday 13.
  • Begüm Erciyas (TR/BE/DE) 
  • Voicing Pieces
  • Wednesday 13.
  • Friday 15.
  • Saturday 16.
  • Eisa Jocson (PH) 
  • Macho Dancer
  • Wednesday 13.
  • Thursday 14.
  • Eisa Jocson (PH) 
  • Corponomy
  • Galerie (INT) 
  • Group Show
  • Thursday 14.
  • Thursday 14.
  • Friday 15.
  • Friday 15.
  • Saturday 16.
  • Saturday 16.
  • Sorour Darabi (IR/FR) 
  • Farci.e
  • Thursday 14.
  • Friday 15.
  • Iggy Lond Malmborg (SE/EE) 
  • Physics and Phantasma
  • Friday 15.
  • Saturday 16.
  • Gisèle Vienne (FR) 
  • Friday 15.
  • Saturday 16.

Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival has been the pulsing heart of Black Box teater’s spring season since 2013. Daring and surprising, it’s become an annual rendez-vous for performing arts in Oslo in March.

Artists of different generations from around the world, both familiar names and newcomers, will gather for ten concentrated, vibrating days of live art experiences, including several Norwegian premieres. By crossing artistic practices, these artists open up a stimulating dialogue between performing arts, music and visual arts, challenging what the art experience can be. The festival is unfolding throughout the city in cultural venues, intimate situations, natural settings and public spaces. A way to bring art into our daily lives and create a poetic relationship to our environment.


7.3 Wael Alkak (SY/FR): Opening concert
7.3-8.3 Kristoff K. Roll (FR): In the Shadows of the Waves
7.3-8.3 Ingrid Berger Myhre & Lasse Passage (NO): Panflutes and Paperwork
7.3-10.3 Heine Avdal & Yukiko Shinozaki / Fieldworks (NO/JP): Carry On
8.3 Ligia Lewis (DO/DE): minor matter
8.3-9.3 Roza Moshtaghi (NO/IR): Only Forever
9.3 Julie Solberg and Cecilie Solberg (NO): Songs of Entanglement
9.3-10.3 Annie Dorsen (US): The Great Outdoors
10.3-11.3 Ingri Fiksdal (NO): Shadows of Tomorrow
11.3-12.3 Findlay // Sandsmark (US/NO): lowlands
11.3-14.3 Ingeleiv Berstad and Pernille Holden (NO): Somatøs samling
12.3-13.3 Spreafico Eckly & Matteo Fargion (NO/UK): We have to dress gorgeously*
12.3-13.3 Juli Apponen (FI/SE): Life is hard and then you die – part 3
13.3-14.3 Eisa Jocson (PH): Macho Dancer + Corponomy
14.3 Begüm Erciyas (TR/BE/DE): Voicing Pieces
14.3-15.3 Sorour Darabi (IR/FR): Farci.e
14.3-16.3 Galerie (INT): Group Show
14.3-15.3 Gisèle Vienne (FR): Crowd**
15.3-16.3 Iggy Lond Malmborg (SE/EE): Physics and Phantasma


+ Festival club
+ Seminars and workshops


* In collaboration with Atelier Nord
** In collaboration between Dansens Hus and Black Box teater


Buy your tickets online. Tickets will be released soon at Ticketmaster.
For inquiries call Ticketmaster (+47) 815 33 133.

Box office at Black Box teater open every day during the festival from 14.00 to 22.00.

Tickets sales at Bankplassen, Atelier Nord, Kulturkirken Jakob, Grønlandsleiret 47a, Helgesens gate 1: Open 15 minutes before the show.

For group bookings, contact us.


Festival package 5 performances of your choice at Black Box teater: 500,–
Single tickets: 150,–
Under 25 years old: 100,–

Flat price 100,- for the following shows:
Heine Avdal & Yukiko Shinozaki / Fieldworks:
Carry On
Roza Moshtaghi: Only Forever
Ingeleiv Berstad and Pernille Holden:
Somatøs samling
Spreafico Eckly & Matteo Fargion:
We have to dress gorgeously
Begüm Erciyas: Voicing Pieces
Galerie: Group Show

Tickets for Gisele Vienne: Crowd can be purchased from Dansens Hus.


The festival information desk is open every day at Black Box teater foyer during the festival 14.00–22.00.

The bar at Black Box teater opens one hour before the performances and events taking place at the theatre. Meet with older and new friends, colleagues and artists for a drink and a nice chat. We serve good music, drinks and snacks.

Please follow the festival on Facebook here

Free entrance

Kristoff K. Roll (FR): In the Shadows of the Waves
Wael Alkak (SY/FR): Opening concert
Seminars & talks
Festival club


Artistic and General director: Anne-Cécile Sibué-Birkeland.
Head of administration: Magnus Salte.
Producer: Karoline Bjune.
Head of communication: Sara Wegge.
Program Dramaturge: Elin Amundsen Grinaker
Substitute Administration Officer: Jo Adrian Haavind.
Production and Administration Assistant: Ida Marie Sandvik.
Communication officer: Ida Holthe Lid.
Audience outreach: Jostein P. Steindal.
Graphic Designer: Kristoffer Busch.
Production and Audience Development Assistant (Intern): Clara Lebreton
Head of technical department: Jean Vincent Kerebel.
Sound Manager: Trond Johnsrud.
Stage and Video Manager: Agnar Ribe.
Freelance technical department: Agnar, Daniel, Fredric, Kim, Laurent, Linda, Mohi, Ryan, Sirene, Woyzek & co.
Frontline and Bar Manager: Morten Kippe.
Frontline and Bar: Vivel Fredriksen, Elisabeth Carmen Gmeiner, Martin Guldvog, Sunniva Lind Høverstad, Ida Holthe Lid, Ida Marie Sandvik, Annlaug Selstø, Talette Simonsen, Andrea Skotland, Jostein P Steindal and Kjersti Aas Stenby.
Distribution: Janne Mikkelsen

Team joining for the festival

Technical Manager: Patrick Wharton
Festival Producer: Andrea Skotland
Volunteer Coordinator: Mads Halvorsen
Project Coordinator Bankplassen: Ragna Solbergnes

Texts catalogue: Kristin Valla

Thank you to the freelance technicians and all the volunteers.


We would like to thank our local partners: Dansens Hus, Atelier Nord, Kulturbydelen Sagene, Institut français de Norvège.
The visit of international delegates is  supported by the Norwegian embassies and consulates, in collaboration with Performing Arts Hub Norway.
Thanks to Sagene Kunstsmie, Sagene Samfunnshus, PS:Hotell.

Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival is initiated by Black Box teater which receives funding from the Ministry of Culture and the City of Oslo.