• Black Box teater
  • Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival – Online & At Home Edition!
  • 11–21 March 2021
  • 11 days of Live Art experiences
  • Bojana Cvejić / Daniela Bershan
  • Care Seen and Unseen
  • Friday 12,19.00
  • Saturday 13,
  • Sunday 14,
  • Monday 15,
  • Tuesday 16,
  • Wednesday 17,
  • Thursday 18,
  • Friday 19,
  • Saturday 20,
  • Sunday 21,
  • Live streaming via Zoom + on Soundcloud + via post
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Live streaming via Zoom and on Soundcloud for Part I and II
By post for Part III

A three-part journey diving into the practices and pitfalls of care.

Bojana Cvejić and Daniela Bershan invite us on an experiential journey exploring the politics of care practices in times of crisis. This will unfold through different temporalities and formats, as a way of slowing down and derailing time.

This journey is composed of three parts: a talk with music, a conversation between Cvejić and Bershan; and a poster-map that you will receive at home. If you wish to prolong the conversation, you may write down your thoughts and send them by post to their studio in Brussels.


PART I: Lives seen and unseen

A talk by Bojana Cvejić with music by Baba Electronica

12 March / 19.00 and throughout the festival
Duration: 57 minutes.

In a journey through care approached as the work that sustains life, this composition will muse on embodiment and vulnerability. 

“Ordinary people making reasonable demands for social justice; my good life possible on the account of the bad life of many others; responsibility for the indirect consequences of one’s radicalism; the diplomatic art of listening; the figure of assistant in performances, and other visible and invisible aspects of living in multiple crises.”

You are invited to step away from the screen and listen while you continue your life as you please.


PART II: Training the relational muscle

A conversation featuring Daniela Bershan with Bojana Cvejić

12 March / 20.00 and throughout the festival
Live from Brussels on 12 March and available live on tape throughout the festival
Duration: 45–60 minutes.

The departure for Cvejić and Bershan’s conversation is OCEAN, a performance work which honours familiar acts of reproductive labour. In OCEAN, created together with Deborah Birch, Sara Leghissa and Sabrina Seifried, Daniela Bershan explores a ritual embodiment of resourcefulness, collective intimacy and vastness of breath. Walking through FATFORM, Cavemusic, Elsewhere & Otherwise (in connection with Valentina Desideri) and Bershan’s most recent research on reproductive labor Groundwerk, Cvejić and Bershan will discuss performative, sonic and sculptorly dimensions of care as practice.

NB! You will receive the link to the talk and conversation after buying your ticket.

PART III: Making Care
Poster-map made by Daniela Bershan
Delivered at home by post

After words have melted into the air, you will receive MAKING CARE, a map drawn by Bershan, together with footnotes of Cvejić and Bershan’s talk and conversation (Part I & II), by post. You are invited to relate to these thought lines and sources of Cvejić and Bershan’s work in your own time. In your own space, and over longer time, imagination and conversation might continue and become tangible. If you wish to share your thoughts, drop or draw a line to the following address:

Bojana Cvejić & Daniela Bershan
Theodore Verhaegen 18
1060 Brussels


Bojana Cvejić has published several books (among others Choreographing Problems (2015) and Public Sphere by Performance (2012) with A. Vujanović). As co-founding member of TkH/Walking Theory (Belgrade, 2001–16), and dramaturge and performer, she has engaged in many performances and theoretical-artistic research since 1999. 

Daniela Bershan a.k.a. Baba Electronica is an artist, DJ and independent researcher. Her work and collaborations have been presented at the 29th Sao Paulo Biennale, De Appel Arts Centre, MaerzMusik, KunstenfestivaldesArts, Dansehallerne, MDT, Le CentQuatre, Centre Pompidou Kanal, among others.

  • With: Bojana Cvević, Daniela Bershan.

Part I: 45–60 minutes.
Part II: 45–60 minutes.

Part III is delivered to your home by post.

Flat price: 50 NOK (≈ €5) including the talk, the conversation and the shipping costs for the poster-map. 

The live streaming is on 12 March, but you can still purchase your ticket until 21 March and listen/watch the recording of the live stream! By purchasing your ticket, you have access to view the recording at a later time and you will receive the poster-map.

NB! You will receive the link to the talk and conversation after buying your ticket.

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