• Black Box teater
  • Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival – Online & At Home Edition!
  • 11–21 March 2021
  • 11 days of Live Art experiences
  • Maja Roel
  • Ludensian meditation
  • Sunday 14,11.00
  • Live streaming via Zoom
  • Free entrance

Live from Black Box teater, Lille scene.

Ludensian meditation has evolved from the performance Homo ludens which is based on the fact that Homo ludens – the playful human – is being an endangered species. This is a meditation for participants who want to restore their ludensian powers in a time of pandemic. 

Homo ludens is a life enjoyer of dimensions. It likes to climb trees or lie in hammocks, where it can stay for hours contemplating the mystery of life. Ludensers love to take naps. You often see them with closed eyes wandering in their inner landscapes. Through this, they seek for pleasure, as well as gather energy to be able to go in “ludd”, the most ecstatic state the ludensians can reach.

Through this guided meditation, we hope you can discover some ludensian parts of yourselves and help us spread this energy to humanity in a challenging time. 

Maja Roel has a background in contemporary dance, theater, performing arts and dramaturgy, and works both as a choreographer, performer and producer. She seeks to create space for wonder, to stretch the imagination and to expand our possibilities. Over the past 15 years, she has made performances on a driving bus, on a helicopter landing site and on an island, as well as in traditional stage rooms. Her next project will be UTOPIA – Et drømspel fra Tøyen, presented by Black Box teater in collaboration with Nationaltheatret.

  • Maker, performer: Maja Roel.
  • Sound: Lasse Passage.
  • Made by: Maja Roel, Elisabeth, Kjeldahl Nilsson, Lasse Passage, Kristine Karåla Øren.
  • Roula Lymniati
  • Co-production: Kortreist dansefestival (2019).
  • Supported by: Arts Council Norway, Fond for lyd og bilde, Nesodden kommune.

Duration: 29 minutes
The meditation will be held in Norwegian.

Free access.
No latecomers.

If you need assistance to log in or have any question, send us a text or call, WhatsApp at (+47) 919 09 321.

Did you miss out of the meditation – or would you like to do it over again? Watch it down below!

Below, you can listen to a podcast about ludensian origin with Lasse Passage, Kristine Karåla Øren and Maja Roel. The podcast is in Norwegian.