• Black Box teater
  • Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival – Online & At Home Edition!
  • 11–21 March 2021
  • 11 days of Live Art experiences
  • VJ Heiki
  • Quiz
  • Thursday 11,20.00
  • Live streaming via YouTube
  • Free entrance

Live from a living room in Berlin.

Live from Berlin! Come join quizmaster & VJ Heiki on a journey around the world while quizzing you on art, Norwegian cultural policy and mixed trivia. 

Since we cannot kick off the festival with a party in the theater foyer this year, we decided to have some fun on the world wide web instead. So grab a beer and a friend (virtually through the screen, please), and let us exercise our brains together.

Even though the quiz will be held in English, it will be an advantage to have followed the Norwegian discourse for a while. That’s not to say you won’t have fun if you miss out on a reference or two – but you probably won’t win. 

How it works:

The quiz will be live streamed on Youtube. The link to the stream will be available in this event right before the quiz starts. You can take part either as part of a team, or solo. For teams, we recommend you to video call each other on your preferred platform (Zoom, Teams etc). To answer the quiz, simply write your answers in an email and send it to blackbox@blackbox.no after all the questions have been asked. The list of questions will also be made available in this event during the quiz. Remember to write the name of the team in the subject field. The winner of the quiz will be announced at the end of the livestream.